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5 Entertaining Classic Movies that Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Money Thumbnail

5 Entertaining Classic Movies that Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Money

It’s fun to watch classic movies and be whisked away to a different time period. While entertaining, some classics can also teach you a couple of things about money! Add these five entertaining classic movies to your watch list to be entertained and learn something. 

Movie #1: The Godfather

The Godfather trilogy is considered one of the most famous and influential movies of all time, especially in the gangster genre. f you’re looking for action and drama, then this is the movie for you. Being a mobster film, it hits home the message that money talks. Additionally, there are some lessons to take away about taking a strong stance in any decision making and understanding the value of a high price and how you sometimes need to pay this. 

Movie #2: Wall Street

Michael Douglas’ performs an Oscar-winning performance in this 1980’s business-themed film, Wall Street. There was an atmosphere of greed and corporate malfeasance that was incredibly characteristic of the time. Many people feel that today’s economic climate is a result of the mainstream that has adopted the teachings of the character of Gordon Gekko throughout the movie1.

Movie #3: Boiler Room

This movie is about stockbrokers who use high-pressure sales techniques to make customers buy financial products that they do not need or want. Throughout the movie, you find out that even though not everyone works in sales, opportunity does come to people on a regular basis if you take the initiative and look for it. Of course, most people that work in sales are not like the characters in the movie, and the best don’t have to convince you of anything, they just have to represent a good product, answer questions accurately and honestly, and address any concerns you have. If you’re faced with anyone other than that, keep your guard up.

Movie #4: Glengarry Glen Ross

This movie discusses the importance of continuing to sell, better and harder even when the economy is turning down. Alec Baldwin’s character, Blake, is brought in to persuade a group of failing salesmen into producing better numbers. While his words may seem harsh they are meant to inspire and show that nobody reaches success without high confidence and sometimes drastic measures, especially in order to pull oneself out of a dangerous financial situation. 

Movie #5: Jerry Maguire

This movie is about a high-powered sports agent on the rebound and Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry Maguire, learns to value people above money. Even though his road may not be straight he learns a lot about what it means to respect himself and others, and have strong business ethics. This movie is more about life paths and choices than money, but it teaches people about how to mix business with ethics and how to be a good person in the business world.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional and financial advisor, David DeMore is committed to business ethics and acting as a fiduciary when working with clients. With the cold winter months here now in Milwaukee, it  is the perfect time to stay in, cozy up and check out a few classic movies that can teach you a thing or two about business and finance. Happy viewing!

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